Thermal Mattress

Thermal Mattress

Product description

For Surgery, Endoscopy, Dental, Imaging, Radiolucent X-Ray and CT
Easily Cleaned

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Small 510mm x 710mm
  • Medium 610mm x 860mm
  • Large 710mm x 1015mm

Two Layer Internal Design
Insulative conductive thermal barrier
Radiant Heat Protective Barrier

See the ConRad Thermal Blanket Product Video below.

Product Features
  • Use either ConRad Thermal Blanket immediately upon induction of anaesthesia of sedation.
  • Prevents the rapid Phase 1 drop in body temperature.
  • The time taken to prep for surgery and apply monitors can drop the animal’s body temperature several degrees even before surgery or imaging starts, unless preventative measures are taken.
  • The General Use ConRad Thermal Blanket is recommended for all procedures and imaging, except for MRI.
  • The MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blanket is used for MRI procedures.
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  • Description / Size
  • Set of Small, Medium & Large Blankets
  • Warm Thermal Blanket Small 510mm x 710mm
  • Warm Thermal Blanket Medium 610mm x 860mm
  • Warm Thermal Blanket Large 710mm x 1015mm

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