Silver Heat Products

Silver Heat Products

Product description

Looking for an inexpensive, easy to use method of improving patient warming, in any situation, Silver Heat Products are made from a special, aluminium-coated reflective nonwoven material that bounces up to 80% of your patient’s radiant heat loss back towards the animal, providing what we like to call ‘patient-powered’ warming. Available in three different configurations, these products can provide immediate improvement in normothermia maintenance, regardless of your current protocol, but when combined with BAJA Convective Air Blankets in surgical, critical care, or trauma applications, they provide the utmost in veterinary patient warming currently available. Silver Heat products are reusable until the silver coating begins to wear off.

Product Features


  • Excellent for patients too small to cover with a blanket
  • Velcro closures
  • Adjustable sizing yields good fir for patients under 10kg
  • Great for shorter dental procedures

Small Animal Nest:

  • Warm, Cosy Comfort for small Cats and Exotics
  • Circular configuration accommodates small animals of all shapes
  • Elastic closure at top ensures closure around animal
  • Full body radiant heat reflection
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  • Description / Size
  • Papoose, 330mm x 610mm
  • Legging, XS 180mm. Pack of 2.
  • SHLS
  • Legging, S 280mm. Pack of 2.
  • SHLM
  • Legging, M 380mm. Pack of 2.
  • SHLL
  • Legging, L 560mm. Pack of 2
  • Legging , XL 760mm. Pack of 2
  • Small Animal Nest, 310mm dia

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