Tracheostomy Portex, Blue Line Uncuffed

Tracheostomy Portex, Blue Line Uncuffed

Product description

Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® Tracheostomy Tubes are intended to maintain patency of a patient’s airway and prevent aspiration:

  • Clear flange allows clear visualisation of the patient’s stoma and underlying skin
  • The 15mm connector on the tube, not inner cannula allows connection to the ventilator with or without the inner cannula for enhanced safety
  • Hollow obturator allows new tubes to be fed over a guidewire to aid proper placement
  • The obturator features special clip design to minimise tube tip movement during insertion which may lead to a more comfortable patient experience
  • Available with fenestrations to aid phonation
  • Compatible with the Orator™ speaking valve to aid vocalisation
  • The tube is easier to replace and removes the risk of tracheal damage caused by the inflation of a cuff
Product Features

Some sizes are currently unavailable to order, if you would like to put them on back order please get in touch.

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