MRI Compatible ECG Pads

MRI Compatible ECG Pads

Product description

MRI Compatible ECG Pads.

Product Features

Ambu® WhiteSensor 40713 –

The Ambu WhiteSensor 40713 features a skin friendly conductive solid gel and small size to ensure a good signal quality during ECG monitoring applications in paediatrics.

The electrode has breathable and soft cloth backing material.

It is radiolucent and MR Conditional.

Pack of 30.

  • Skin-friendly solid gel supports the quality of the signal
  • Soft cloth backing allows the skin to breathe
  • Small size is ideal for paediatric patients
  • Radiolucency allows the electrode to remain on the patient during X-ray procedures
  • MR Conditional
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  • ECG Pad, MRI Compatible, Pack of 30 (10 x packs of 3)

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