MRI Compatible Disposable Laryngoscopes

MRI Compatible Disposable Laryngoscopes

Product description

MRI Compatible Disposable Laryngoscopes and Handle.

** Please note, the handle does not come with a battery, an MRI battery will also need to be ordered for the handle.**


Product Features
  • Disposable system eliminates the risk of cross infection between patients
  • Super bright LED
  • Non-magnetic, full metal handle construction with grooves offering strength and secure grip
  • Affordable, cost effective, simple and disposable solution
  • Supplied in easy to open, clearly identified MR sachets
  • Latex free
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  • Description / Size
  • Battery Pack for MRI Laryngoscope Handle
  • MRGSHB01
  • MRI Compatible Laryngoscope Handle Disposable
  • Miller 3 Blade
  • Miller 2 Blade
  • Miller 1 Blade
  • Miller 0 Blade
  • Miller 00 Blade

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