Jugular Catheters – Double Lumen

Jugular Catheters – Double Lumen

Product description

This polyurethane catheter kit is designed for placement using the Seldinger technique, and comes with everything needed for placement and capping.

Featuring a soft tipped catheter with distance marking for atraumatic venous access, a guidewire with straight/straight soft tips and distance marking, a bridge clamp to allow variable placement length, and available in a variety of lengths and sizes.  Additional benefits of using a jugular catheter over a standard catheter include lack of kinking during placement and use, prolonged placement duration of up to 28 days, greater access points for I/V placement, and improved patient comfort.

Our jugular catheter kits are ideal for:

  • Long stay cases requiring regular I/V access
  • When frequent blood sampling is required
  • Infusion of irritant fluids (Chemotherapy, TPN fluids, etc)
  • Monitoring central venous pressure (CVP)
  • Chemotherapy induction courses
  • Simultaneous administration of fluids with other dedicated procedure(s)


Product Features

This kit contains:

  • Polyurethane Catheter
  • Moveable Suture Wing
  • Scalpel Blade and Handle
  • Guide Wire on Holder (Straight/Straight tips)
  • Seldinger Introducer Needle
  • Dilator
  • Non Latex Injection Caps


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  • Code
  • Description / Size
  • JC2412
  • 4FR (22&22G), 12cm
  • JC2410
  • 4FR (22&22G), 10cm
  • JC2408
  • 4FR (22&22G), 8cm
  • JC2406
  • 4FR (22&22G), 6cm
  • JC2510
  • 5FR (18&22G), 10cm
  • JC2515
  • 5FR (18&22G), 15cm
  • JC2720
  • 7FR (14&22G), 20cm
  • JC2730
  • 7FR (14&22G), 30cm

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