Intersurgical Compact Y Circuits

Intersurgical Compact Y Circuits

Product description

Adjustable Length – the compact system is packed and supplied in the shortest length. This can be simply extended to the length requires for clinical use (with the advantage of reduced compressible volume), and compressed for easy disposal. The unique tube has been designed so that it will expand to between four to five times it’s packed length, providing the most adjustable system available.

Easy Positioning – the nature of t he compact system tube allows for it to be set in any position required. This results in multiple positioning possibilities, ideal for head and neck surgery where the system can be positioned away from the patient, and does not require and additional patient connections.

Product Features

Available in 15mm or 22mm

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  • CIR2158
  • 22mm x 3M Compact Circuit
  • CIR2163
  • 15mm x 3M Compact Circuit

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