Intersurgical Breathing Filters

Intersurgical Breathing Filters

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Breathing filter 1944 –

The high-efficiency Filta-Guard™ is a dedicated breathing filter designed for use in breathing systems in anaesthesia and intensive care, for the protection of the patient, hospital personnel and the equipment from potential microbial contamination. The Filta-Guard™ range validated against the passage of Hepatitis C and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in addition to standard test micro-organisms.

Filtration Efficiency >99.999%
Resistance at 30L/min 1.0cm H2O
Resistance at 60L/min 2.3cm H2O
Compressible volume 67ml
Weight 40g
Connections 22F-22M/15F
Minimum tidal volume >200ml

Breathing filter 1344 –

The Inter-Guard™ range of sterile  breathing filters is designed for use in breathing systems in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit for the protection of the patient, breathing system and equipment.

Filtration efficiency >99.998%
Resistance at 30L/min 0.8 cm H2O
Resistance at 60L/min 2.0 cm H2O
Compressible volume 42 ml
Weight 23g
Connections 22F/15M-22M/15F with luer port
Minimum tidal volume >150ml


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