In Circuit Pressure Manometer

In Circuit Pressure Manometer

Product description

The In Circuit Patient Pressure Manometer is the safest way to accurately monitor for the circuit pressure using non-rebreathers and circuits that do not utilize the manometer on the anaesthesia machine. It can also be used to add pressure monitoring capabilities to older anaesthesia machines that lack manometers.

The In Circuit Patient Pressure Manometers has a standard 22mm connector that can be used on all circuit types.

The Kit for the Ayres T Piece includes a connector to enable fitting to the smaller circuit.

Product Features
  • Works on common non-rebreathing circuits
  • Simple to use – detach rebreathing bag and insert Manometer (directions included)
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  • Code
  • Description / Size
  • PMD020
  • In Circuit Pressure Manometer for 22mm Circuits. 0-25cm H20
  • PMD040
  • In Circuit Pressure Manometer for22m Circuits. 0-60cm H20
  • PMD020TP
  • In Circuit Pressure Manometer for Ayres T Piece. 0-25cm H20
  • PMD040TP
  • In Circuit Pressure Manometer forAyres T Piece. 0-60cm H20

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