iM3 ET Tube Ties

iM3 ET Tube Ties

Product description

50 re-usable ties in 120 cm lengths for tying endotracheal tubes.

Safe for patients and for dental handpieces!


Product Features
  • 120 cm pieces that can be cut to length to suit all sizes of animals
  • Vibrant, identifiable colour
  • Does not bind or cling to muzzle hair
  • Holds fast to the tube reducing accidental movement and potential tracheal damage
  • Won’t soak up blood or saliva unlike gauze, string or boot laces
  • Avoids damage to the dental handpiece often caused when catching gauze
  • Easier to use and faster to apply and remove than gauze or other ties
  • Re-usable and recyclable
  • Cold sterilization only
  • Safe for patients and for dental handpieces!
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  • ETTT50
  • iM3 ET Tube Ties – Pack of 50.

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