Hydro-Trach T HME Filter – Inter-Therm™ T+ HME

Hydro-Trach T HME Filter – Inter-Therm™ T+ HME

Product description

A heat, moisture exchange designed for use on tracheostomised patients. The Hydro-Trach is an ideal product for prolonged use with spontaneously breathing patients.

The InterTherm T+ is a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) designed for use with spontaneously breathing patients in order to reduce loss of heat and moisture during respiration, ideal for patients and clinicians caring for patients living with a tracheostomy.

Small and lightweight, it features both a clipped suction port and swivel oxygen stem combined with a unique white corrugated paper HME design to provide the perfect combination between humidification output and low resistance to flow. The product is also available with supplemental oxygen tube.


Product Features

Compressible Volume 19ml, Weight 8g

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  • Description / Size
  • INT1875
  • Inter-Therm™ T+ HME. 1875 single.
  • INT1875/25
  • Inter-Therm™ T+ HME. 1875 box of 25.

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