HoverHeat Warming Pad

HoverHeat Warming Pad

Product description

HoverHeat is the only forced air warming system that provides true under-body warming.  With its proprietary internal components, HoverHeat provides a cushion of heated air to warm under and over body – something not previously possible with forced-air warming!

How does it work?

  • Levitates the patient by its proprietary internal components
  • Low resistance warm airflow underneath the patient
  • Dynamic surface patient cushioning

HoverHeat Connector – The HoverHeat connector can be used to connect two HoverHeat units to provide over and underbody warming with the same warm air blower. It expands from 22″ to 60″.

HoverHeat Universal Adaptor – The HoverHeat can be used with your current warm air blower. Most warm air blowers already have a compatible hose (diameter 2.25 in). If not this adaptor will accommodate any hose diameter.

Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Can also be bought as a complete HoverHeat set.

The set includes:
1 Small HoverHeat.
1 Medium HoverHeat.
1 Large HoverHeat.
1 HoverHeat Connector.
1 HoverHeat Adaptor.

All accessories also available, please contact us to find out pricing and delivery times.

For demonstration video, please see the links below.


Product Features
  • The most Complete patient air warming system ever
  • True under and over body warming with one warm air blower
  • Use any warm air blower
  • Use for surgical, dental, endoscopy, and imaging procedures
  • Use for Pre-op, Intra-op, and Post-op warming

HoverHeat’s proprietary internal components provide a cushion of heated air to warm the underbody – something not previously possible with forced-air warming!

Two HoverHeat units can be connected in series with the HoverHeat connector, to provide under AND over-body warming with one warm air blower.

  • Increases the warming capacity of your warm air blower by 50 to 75 percent.
  • The largest surface area of the body can now be warmed.
  • Directs airflow away from the surgical field.
  • No more disposable air warming blankets needed.
  • Small, Medium, and Large sizes to accommodate any animal and any procedure.


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