HMEF – GE Healthcare (Flexicare alternative)

HMEF – GE Healthcare (Flexicare alternative)

Product description


  • Variety of filter medias available providing a high degree of efficiency
  • All HMEFs and Filters include Luer Port for easy gas sampling with tethered cap to eliminate risk of misplacement
  • Lightweight designs reduces drag on breathing system
  • Round ergonomic shape with no sharp edges reduces pressure marking
  • 22M/15F connectors, complying with ISO 5356, providing universal connection
Product Features

Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Alternative to the Flexicare HMEF’s.

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  • Code
  • Description / Size
  • HME2106570-010/50
  • HMEF Large, box of 50.
  • HME2106570-009/50
  • HMEF Medium, box of 50.
  • HME2106570-006/50
  • HMEF Small, box of 50.
  • HME2106570-010
  • HMEF Large.
  • HME2106570-009
  • HMEF Medium.
  • HME2106570-006
  • HMEF Small.

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