Heated Veterinary Operating Tables

Heated Veterinary Operating Tables

Product description

A simple but effective product that gently warms small mammals on the operating  table minimising loss of body heat, and increasing survival rates.

The V500DVstat is constructed from tough ABS plastic with an anodised aluminium panel bonded to the surface to aid cleaning and sterilisation. A separate digital digital control module allows the precise temperature of the surface to be selected by the surgeon within the range 10 to 50 degrees C, and operation of the heater is indicated by an amber light

Size:350mm x 530mm

The V500 is constructed from tough ABS plastic, with an anodised aluminium panel bonded to the surface to aaid cleaning and sterilisation . This is heated and controlled by an electronic thermostat to 35 degrees C. An amber light displays operation of the heater.

Size: 350x530mm

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  • V500VSTAT
  • Heated Table with Digital Control
  • V500
  • Heated Table to 35 degrees C

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