EMD Safety Valve

EMD Safety Valve

Product description

Most veterinary anaesthetic machines do not have a safety pressure relief valve. The pop-off valve can perform this function but it is easily defeated by being manually closed during mechanical ventilation and during system pressure testing. If the operator forgets to re-open the valve, tragedy results.

The EMD safety Valve is a simple solution to this problem. It cannot be manually defeated. It is passive in that is does not need to be turned on like pressure alarms do. It can be placed anywhere in the rebreathing breathing circuit.

The valve opens once the airway pressure exceeds approximately 26cm H20, bleeding off gas pressure, thereby preventing barotrauma. Pressure will remain open until the pop-off valve is opened or the patient is disconnected from the circuit.

All anaesthetic machines should be equipped with a Safety Valve. Human error is unavoidable. This simple passive device will prevent a simple oversight from resulting in the death of a cherished pet and devastating effect a tragic medical error can have on the staff and the practice.

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