Eldridge Anaesthetic Face Mask (Anaesthetic Flat Side Masks)

Eldridge Anaesthetic Face Mask (Anaesthetic Flat Side Masks)

Product description

Anesthesia masks are a commonly utilized piece of equipment in veterinary clinics.
The Eldridge Anesthesia Mask addresses a common problem. A standard round mask wants to roll away from patient on a flat table. Towels are often used to brace the mask into position. The Eldridge mask is flat on one side to prevent this “rolling” and safely keep the mask in position.

Replacement diaphragms also available at request.

Product Features

– Used to induce gas anesthesia and sometimes maintain anesthesia in patients
– Provides oxygen therapy in patients with severe respiratory distress

Feline/Small Canine OD: 3.5″ Mask Depth: 3″ Opening: 1″

Canine up to 50lbs OD: 5″ Mask Depth: 4.75″ Opening: 1.75″

X-Large Canine OD: 6″ Mask Depth: 5.75″ Opening: 3″

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