Elbow Connectors Intersurgical 1898

Elbow Connectors Intersurgical 1898

Product description

Double swivel elbow, 15M – double flip top cap with seal – 22M/15F.

**Alternative to Sontek Bronch-Safe Swivel**

Double swivel elbow provides added mobility at the patient connection, with a variety of ports for all applications. For added safety all lntersurgical port caps are tethered to the connectors, to prevent loss or misplacement in use.

Flip top cap with 7.6mm port – for connection of all standard 7.6mm probes or suctioning.

Double Flip top cap with seal – opening the first tab on the cap allows for the introduction of a fibre optic bronchoscope whilst maintaining airway pressure. Opening the second tab allows for suctioning if required.


Product Features

Available individually or in box quantities.

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  • INT1898
  • Double swivel elbow 15M – double flip top cap with seal – 22M/15F
  • INT1898/30
  • Double swivel elbow, 15M – double flip top cap with seal – 22M/15. Box of 30

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