Dryline II Water Trap System

Dryline II Water Trap System

Product description

DRYLINE™ II is a complete water trap subsystem and the ultimate solution to the problems of moisture, humidity and bacteria contamination usually associated with airway gas monitoring.

The patented design of the DRYLINE™ II water trap ensures virtually unaffected response time in any clinical application for patients over 3kg during anesthesia and intensive care.

Mindray M02C Adult/ Paediatric 115-043024-00

Product Features
  • DRYLINE™ II interfaces directly to AION™ Platinum Multigas Analyzers and can be easily integrated to any design of gas monitors of any make.
  • Protects the gas analyzer from humidity, mucus and bacteria through 0.45 μm hydrophobic bacteria filter
  • Fail-safe protection of the gas analyzer system by additional self-sealing filters
  • Flow optimized gas sample path ensures virtually unaffected response time
  • Semi-disposable water trap for use up to one month
  • Available in versions for adult/pediatric (120 – 200 ml/min) and neonatal applications (70 – 120 ml/min)#
  • Fits in receptacle with switches for automatic water trap type identification and pump shut down when water trap is removed
  • Flush or panel mounting options for receptacle
  • Code
  • Description / Size
  • MAWTM02C
  • Mindray M02C Adult/Paed 115-043024-00
  • MAWTM02C/10
  • Mindray M02C Adult/Paed. Box of 10

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