Double lumen Bionector Octopus extension – Vygon

Double lumen Bionector Octopus extension – Vygon

Product description

Double lumen PUR extension set with clamps and integrated Bionector.

Drug loss prevention
The Bionector Octopus range is produced with biocompatible PUR tubing to help prevent the risk of drug loss which can occur with PVC tubing.

No common dead space
Multi-lumen Octopus extension sets maintain separate fluid pathways right up to the catheter hub, preventing the mixing of incompatible drugs within the extension set.


Product Features

Flow Rate (ml/min) 100
Inner Diameter (mm) 1.5
Items per Box 50
Length (cm) 10
Lumen 2
Outer Diameter (mm) 2.5
Priming Volume (ml) 0.3
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  • 0841264
  • Double lumen Bionector Octopus extension.

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