Dormosafe Electric Blanket

Dormosafe Electric Blanket

Product description

The Dormosafe heating mat is the latest development of professional heating systems for veterinary medicine. The padded mat combines safety, user-friendliness and heating quality. Three temperature sensors distributed throughout the mat continuously measure the accumulated heat between the patient and the mat. The redundantly protected microcontroller in the mat regulates the heat output depending on the degree of cooling of the patient. The pre-set temperature of 42 degrees C is thus neither exceeded nor fallen short of, which guarantees an even and safe heating.

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Product Features

Warm Patients Heal Faster: A constant body core temperature is a basic prerequisite for the function of vital organs. It reduces the risk of surgical complications, accelerates the recovery phase and healing.

Easy, Fail-Safe Handling: The control electronics of the Dormosafe heating mat are accommodated in the mat itself so there is no longer any need for an external control unit. The flexible mat is therefore completely insensitive to falls. Due to the three sensors, a wrong positioning of the patient is impossible and therefore handling is easier.

  • Safety Voltage – electrical safety for patient and personal.
  • Overheat protection with 3 Temperature Sensors – optimise heat transfer to 42 degrees C.
  • Acoustice Alarm – due to errors or temperature above 45 degrees C.
  • 45cm x 35cm x 2cm
  • 60cm x 45cm x 2cm
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  • DHM60452
  • 60cm x 45cm x 2cm
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  • 45cm x 35cm x 2cm

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