Circle Absorbers

Circle Absorbers

Product description

The KAB CO2 Absorber is designed to absorb carbon dioxide from a closed or semi-closed breathing circuit system via Soda Lime. The adjustable APL valve is integrated into the absorer and incorporates the scavenging port.

If purchasing for the first time, you will need to purchase the metal KABTP to mount to the anaesthesia system.

The long extension is required if the common gas outlet is located next to the vaporiser and clearance is required.

Replacement bag mounts are available


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  • 22mm T Piece
  • KAB Absorber Autoclavable (for use with Metal T Piece)
  • KAB Bag Mount Elbow (spare)
  • Soda Lime Funnel
  • Long Extension for KAB Absorber 22f/22M

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