BSmart™ Injection Pressure Monitor

BSmart™ Injection Pressure Monitor

Product description

Smart™ Injection Pressure Monitor is an easy-to-use inline injection pressure monitoring device providing clinicians with objective pressure information regardless of who performs the actual block.

While perineural injections are typically associated with low opening injection pressure (< 15psi) 1, high opening pressure can indicate needle-nerve-contact 1 or intrafascicular needle placement.

Monitoring the opening injection pressure with BSmartTM may prevent injections into poorly compliant tissue by aborting an injection and repositioning the needle when the monitor indicates that opening injection pressure is abnormally high (> 15psi).

See how it works for Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block and watch BSmart™ in action.
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Product Features

User benefits –

  • Monitors injection pressure objectively
  • Alerts the physician of high opening injection pressure
  • Prevents too forceful, rapid injections
  • Allows consistent monitoring of resistance to injection regardless of who performs the actual injection
  • Allows for standardisation and objective documentation of injection pressure information during nerve block procedures

Tripple Monitoring – 

Monitors needle advancement and spread of local anaesthetic in real time.1,2

Nerve Stimulation
Identifies nerves by eliciting specific distal motor response; response at < 0.5 mA may indicate needle-nerve-contact or intraneural placement of the needle.3,4,5

Injection Pressure
High opening injection pressure (> 15psi) may indicate or detect needle-nerve-contact, intrafascicular needle placement, injection into poorly compliant tissues (fasciae, tendons) or needle obstruction.3,6

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