BD Connecta™ 3-way Stopcock (394601)

BD Connecta™ 3-way Stopcock (394601)

Product description

The BD Connecta 3-way stopcock is pressure-resistant up to 3.0 bar and suitable for both infusion and haemodynamic monitoring. The on/off snaps offer the possibility to feel whether the stopcock is completely open or closed and the material is suitable for use with aggressive medicines.

Product Features
  • BD Connecta™ three-way stopcocks
  • Suitable for infusion therapy
  • Suitable for haemodynamic measurement
  • Pressure resistant up to 3.0 bar
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Drug resistant, also against aggressive drugs
  • Tap with tactile open/close resistance
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Latex-free

Available individually or in boxes of 100, please contact us you would like to buy a whole box.

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  • Description / Size
  • 3WSC
  • BD Connecta™ 3-way Stopcock (394601)

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