Anaesthetic Gas Absorbers

Anaesthetic Gas Absorbers

Product description

Use the waste gas canister for the absorption of organic anaesthetic gases e.g. halothane and isoflurane. This method is not suitable for use with nitrous oxide because it is not absorbed by the charcoal. The weight of the canister must be monitored so that it can be replaced before it becomes saturated, once saturated any waste gases will simply be exhausted into the working environment.

Connected directly to the scavenging tubing from the patient circuit expiratory (scavenge) valve

Inlet connection: 22MM male

Product Features
  • Contains activated carbon
  • Absorbs 200g of organic waste anaesthetic agent
  • Not suitable for use with N2O
  • Approximate maximum constant use – 20 hours
  • Discard when weight reaches 1400g
  • Dispose by controlled incineration
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